Year 11 Modern History 2018

Year 11 Modern History Course Structure and Requirements

The Year 11 course is structured to provide students with opportunities to develop and apply their understanding of methods and issues involved in the investigation of modern history. Students investigate various aspects of the modern world, including people, ideas, movements, events and developments.

The course comprises three sections. Students are required to study all three sections of the course.



Historical concepts and skills

The Historical concepts and skills content is to be integrated throughout the course. The various studies and topics provide the contexts through which concepts and skills are to be developed. These provide the means by which students are able to engage in historical analysis and argument.


1. Investigating Modern History

(a)   The Nature of Modern History

(b)   Case Studies

Students undertake:

  • at least ONE option from ‘The Nature of Modern History’, AND
  • at least TWO case studies.

ONE case study must be from Europe, North America or Australia.

ONE case study must be from Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East or Central/South America.

Case studies are inquiry-based investigations into historical features, individuals, groups, events or concepts in modern history. They are oriented towards the problems and issues of investigating the past.

Case studies in the Year 11 course are intended to provide students with opportunities to:

  • study the various ways historians investigate and construct the past, the types of questions they ask, the explanations they give and the issues they raise
    • question, analyse and interpret sources.

Case studies can provide an historical context within which students learn about relevant methods and issues.


2. Historical Investigation

The historical investigation is designed to further develop relevant investigative, research and presentation skills. The investigation should extend a particular area of individual student or group interest. The investigation may be undertaken as a standalone study or integrated into any aspect of the Year 11 course and need not be completed as one project. It may be conducted individually or collaboratively. 


3. The Shaping of the Modern World

Students investigate forces and ideas that shaped the modern world through a study of key events and developments and the meaning of modernity.

At least ONE study from ‘The Shaping of the Modern World’ is to be undertaken.