Biophysical Interactions

Preliminary Course

(120 indicative hours)

HSC Course

(120 indicative hours)

Part I: Case Studies – 50%

At least TWO case studies should be


ONE case study must be from Europe, North America or Australia. List A (below) provides examples of these.


ONE case study must be from Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East or Central/South America. List B (below) provides examples of these.


Part II: Historical Investigation – 20%

The investigation can be integrated into any aspect of the Preliminary course and need not be completed as one project. It may be conducted individually or as part of a group. The investigation must not overlap or duplicate significantly any topic attempted for the HSC Modern History or History Extension courses.


Part III: Core Study – 30%

The World at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Students will investigate the Preliminary core study using a source-based approach.


Part I: Core Study – 25%

World War I 1914–1919: A Source-based Study


Part II: National Studies – 25%

Choose ONE from those listed on page 28.



Part III: Personalities in the Twentieth Century – 25%

Choose ONE from those listed on page 39.



Part IV: International Studies in Peace and Conflict – 25%

Choose ONE from those listed on page 67.